How To Make $10K+ Per Month Online In Under 45 Minutes A Day Without Any Experience Or Special Skills

Meet the burned out teacher who went from $50,000 in debt to making over $180,000 per month.  And he KNOWS you can start banking at least $10,000 monthly as soon as 55 Days from right now!

Jono Armstrong hosts free live online workshops where he shares what is beyond a doubt the easiest, most proven, and most RELIABLE method for making over 5 figures per month online. Then he shows step-by-step how you can SCALE that to 6 figures each month like he’s doing. And you can start generating this income with NO overhead costs, previous experience, or technical experience.

Jono is the CEO of Ministry Of Freedom. This unique program is optimized to work INCREDIBLY FAST for anyone that follows it. He even continues to update the system so it keeps delivering game-changing results – REGARDLESS of what’s going on in the world (and it’s actually working even BETTER in today’s uncertain global economy).

Just How Fast Can You Get Results?

Well the overwhelming majority of new students see profits in 3 days or less, with many hitting 4-5 figures in their first month. 

  • Oskar made $5,237 in his first 30 days
  • $4,956 for Saul in under 4 weeks
  • Ashley banked $11,194 in just 30 Days

These are everyday people with no special skills or experience. Some of them speak English as a second language. Many of them started this ‘on the side’ while working full time. Most of them never ‘really believed’ making thousands a month online was even possible. And now, just by plugging in to this unbreakable system, they’re making life-changing income in as little as 45 minutes a day.

Here’s The Simple 3-Step Method For Making $10K Per Month From Anywhere In The World:


1. Find Digital Products MADE BY OTHERS That Solve Real Problems
2. Redirect EXISTING Internet Traffic
3. Scale & Repeat

You can do this with zero out-of-pocket costs by following the system.

With This Model:

You don’t need technical skills or experience
You don’t need to make your own products
You don’t have to hire, train and pay staff
You don’t need to quit your job
You don’t need a following, social audience or subscriber list
You don’t need to invest in ANY paid tools until you’re already in profit
You don’t need to spam your friends and family
You don’t need to wait months or years to see great results
If you can spare 45 minutes a day to follow a step-by-step blueprint, you too can achieve TRUE financial freedom with this battle-tested method.

Take A Look At What You Get With Ministry Of Freedom:

The COMPLETE Ministry Of Freedom “Blueprinted” Process With 8 Weeks Of Guided Coaching
3 LIVE Coaching Calls EACH Week With Jono And His Expert Team
1 FULL YEAR Of Mentorship & Ongoing Support
Full Community Access Including 24/7 Support And Networking
Unlimited Access To The Done-For-You $850 Per Sale Super Funnel

For an extremely limited time, Jono is offering his program for the Lowest Price Ever.

You are also completely covered by the 60 Day 100% Money-Back Success Guarantee. If you follow the blueprint and take the small daily steps, and for some bizarre never-before-seen reason don’t actually get real, measurable results, as in PROFITS in your pocket in 60 days, you get a full, complete, hassle-free refund. 

​Many people are SMASHING their income goals with Ministry Of Freedom. It’s YOUR Turn!

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