How Did She Do It? $600,000 In 5 Months

If you haven’t made any significant amount of money online, then this training will be an eye opener for you.

Join the live training session with Wesley Virgin of Done For You Services where his special guest, Ariella Iorio, will be showcasing how she generated $600,000+ in revenue in only 5 months WITHOUT her own product.

Ariella got started from nothing and grew to over $70,000 per month in revenue within 2 years, and she will show you how she did it. Her unique take on affiliate marketing allows you to grow a marketing business from scratch without an existing audience, product, clients, employees, or marketing experience.

This is one of the most “beginner friendly” online business models ever seen. Why? Because she is practically a newbie.

On The Training You’ll Discover

  • The Simple, Easy-To-Understand Formula That A Newbie Used To Transform Her Financial Life & Earn $660,824.41 Within 61 Days
  • How This Little-Known System Has Already Helped Other Students Begin Earning Up To $10,000 Per Month (From Home With Just A Computer & An Internet Connection)
  • How You Can Implement This Brand-New System In Less Than 30 Minutes A Day… Even If You Have Limited Experience

​Ariella will cover her 3-step formula AND the mistakes that most people are making today online (there are seven mistakes that she will share). You can follow these steps to begin earning your first $1,000 online this week (or sooner).

What Is Done For You Services And What Makes It Different

Done For You Services (DFYS) is a new affiliate marketing training program by Wesley Virgin with Ariella Iorio. It provides tools that are already proven to work and takes you through the method that’s already proven to sell. DFYS is a way to make money by promoting products using Facebook ads. There are many training programs out there that teach Facebook ads marketing, but there are four crucial elements that make DFYS different:

1) Landing Page Read
DFYS provides you with landing pages. Other training programs may teach you to come up with good copywriting techniques, but this one skips all that and gives you the format that’s already proven to work.

2) Lookalike Audiences
This unique benefit – the lists of Lookalike Audiences (potential buyers) – makes the campaign ads you run be very specific to target buyers. Without it, the results of your campaigns would hit or miss.

3) You Don’t Need An Email List
Many Facebook marketing training programs teach you how to generate leads, which is good but can get a little complicated. DFYS doesn’t teach lead generation and email marketing because their method is purely focused on making profits by targeting the right audience on Facebook.

4) Only Specific Products To Specific Audiences
DFYS will help you to promote very specific products to the audiences who are particularly interested in some of the most influential entrepreneurs, which means your campaigns will be designed to mitigate risks and maximize the number of sales.

Here's What You Will Get With Done For You Services:

Fully Customized Landing Page With Funnel
2 Up-To-Date Lists To Make Your Own Lookalike Audiences
​Step-By-Step Tutorials Showing You How To Create Your First Facebook Ad Along With The Specific Copy And Videos
Guaranteed First Sale
1 Year Of Free Website Hosting
Access To The Private Members-Only Facebook Support Group
Access To Weekly Live Video Calls For Help And To Answer Any Questions To Help You Hit $500 To $1,000/Day
Special Bonuses
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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